Putting God First
February 2016

“Putting God First,” New Era, February 2016, 47

Putting God First

Mason B., Washington, USA

With only a few weeks left in the school year, one of my best friends wanted to have a party at his house to celebrate the end of school. Knowing I was LDS, he told me there would be no “bad things happening,” so I could attend. I told him I’d be there, but then two hours before the party started, I got a strong impression that I shouldn’t go.

It wasn’t easy, but I followed the feeling and told my friend I couldn’t come anymore for personal reasons. He was somewhat offended. He told me how other Mormons would be going and how I was just scared to go to a party. But I just thanked him for inviting me and said I hoped the night would be fun. Later I discovered that some kids came with alcohol, hookah, and even a “weed brownie.” I was told that I “missed a great night,” and since then, I haven’t been invited to another party like it—all because I followed the Spirit and put God and my standards before popularity. But because of that decision, I’ve been given a gift to see who my true friends are and whom I can trust.

I know that God is always looking out for us. As we put Him first in our lives, He will be there in the crucial moments that help us on our way back to Him. This is one of the purposes of life. We’re not here to be popular (although it seems nice at times) but to live with God again. And the only way to do that is to put God first, no matter the situation.