When the Road Gets Bumpy, Enjoy Catching Some Air
February 2016

“When the Road Gets Bumpy, Enjoy Catching Some Air,” New Era, February 2016, 28–29

When the Road Gets Bumpy, Enjoy Catching Some Air

Barbara A. Lewis lives in Utah, USA.

Find answers to help you deal with your trials.

When the Road Gets Bumpy, Try Catching Some Air

Life is tough! Your friends snub you. The pop quiz pops up at just the wrong time. You don’t get the part or make the team. You lose someone you love. You can’t help but ask, “Why is this happening?” The thing is, we all signed up for this bumpy road in premortal life. It’s part of Heavenly Father’s plan. You don’t need to pretend it doesn’t hurt, but how you handle those nasty bumps in the road can determine your happiness now and in eternity.

If you learn from your troubles and submit to Heavenly Father’s will, you’ll grow into the incredible person He wants you to become. In His time, the Lord will make up for all the things that seem unfair in your life. Until then, He’s given you tons of guidance in His scriptures!

When facing a bump in the road, consider this process from the chart at right: (1) write down the trial, (2) think of stories from ancient or modern prophets who faced similar things, and (3) read the stories again and identify principles that helped them and could help you.

Use the chart to see how the scriptures can help you in your trials.