Serving God through Personal Progress
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“Serving God through Personal Progress,” New Era, Jan. 2015, 22–23

Serving God through Personal Progress

See how you can live this year’s Mutual theme every day while completing Personal Progress goals at the same time.

New Era Magazine, 2015/01 Jan

Photo illustration by Randy Collier


A woman’s role as a mother, grandmother, or leader requires a lifetime of dedicated service. Consider reviewing Faith value experience #2, focusing on how the qualities you discuss allow you to serve others. Record your thoughts.

Divine nature

Serving others is love in action. In Divine Nature value experience #3, you’re invited to improve a relationship with a family member for two weeks. You might do this experience (again) and see how it affects your relationship when you focus on serving your family member.

Individual Worth

Review Individual Worth value experience #4 about preparing for your future, and add some goals about how you want to serve in your home, family, education, and other ways.

Choice and Accountability

Having the Holy Ghost as a constant companion is one way to become aware of those around you who need your service. See Choice and Accountability value experience #5 about how you can keep the Holy Ghost in your life, and then pray to ask Heavenly Father to help you know whom and how to serve.

Good Works

One way we serve God and others is by sharing the gospel. Good Works value experience #7 suggests that you pray for missionary experiences. As you seek for opportunities to share your beliefs, the Lord will give them to you, and He will help you have the confidence you need too! Consider putting a reminder by your bed to help you remember to pray for these experiences.


Serving with your “heart, might, mind and strength” might sound a little overwhelming. Integrity value experience #5, about improving your personal behaviors, can guide you in gradually overcoming your weaknesses and little by little becoming a better servant of God. Consider setting a goal to work on improving yourself in one area this week and see how daily efforts can bring about big changes.


Serving with your “heart, might, mind and strength” (D&C 4:2) can mean service in a temporal as well as a spiritual sense. Just see Knowledge value experience #5, which helps you learn about all kinds of people who give their all to jobs that serve the community. See how developing new skills can help you serve God and others better.


Remember that no matter where you are in life, you can always repent and be forgiven. Virtue value experience #4 gives great suggestions on how to strengthen yourself spiritually and work toward a “blameless” life. As you serve, pay special attention to how your service brings spiritual power, and record your experiences.