Mutual Theme Cards
January 2015

“Mutual Theme Cards,” New Era, Jan. 2015, 29–30

Mutual Theme Cards

Heart card
heart card 2-up

Serve God with all your Heart

Serve with All Your Heart

The heart sustains life. “Heart” often means the center or core of something and the place where desires and emotions reside. To serve God with all our heart is to give Him all of our desires, will, and love. He asks us to love Him by keeping His commandments and loving others. Here are some ideas for doing this:

  • Put prayer, scripture study, and Church attendance above your own wishes.

  • Show compassion and kindness toward someone in your family or at school.

  • Spend time doing what someone else wants to do.

  • Try to understand how someone else feels.

  • Give a sincere compliment to someone.

  • Talk or sit next to someone who is alone.

might card
might card 2-up

Serve God with all your Might

Serve with All Your Might

Serving with our might can mean simply doing what we are able to do, both spiritually and temporally, and is outward focused. Whatever our individual talents (from lifting a heavy couch to staying positive in difficult situations), we can use them to strengthen others. Here are some ideas for serving with all your might:

  • Ask yourself, “Who can use my help today?”—and do something about it.

  • Perform a task for someone, like sweeping a porch, cleaning up a room, or washing dishes.

  • Use your talents: fix a vehicle or a computer, beautify a room, create a homemade gift, write a poem.

  • Go out of your way to be a friend and a good example.

  • Teach someone a skill you have learned.

mind card
mind card 2-up

Serve God with all yourMind

Serve with All Your Mind

“The power to think is a gift from God. … The way we think greatly affects attitudes and behavior, as well as our standing after this life” (Guide to the Scriptures, “Thoughts,” scriptures.lds.org). Our minds help us learn and change for the better—if we seek after good things. Here are some ideas for serving God with all your mind:

  • Study the scriptures and the words of prophets.

  • Think positive thoughts about others and yourself.

  • Seek knowledge, especially of edifying things.

  • Choose wholesome and uplifting entertainment.

  • Research something important to you—for example, an event in Church history or an ancestor.

  • Focus your thoughts on the Savior during the sacrament.

  • Keep a journal and review it periodically.

strength card
strength card 2-up

Serve God with all yourStrength

Serve with All Your Strength

The energy with which we serve God is part of giving Him all our strength. Strength is also spiritual power, inner commitment, resilience, and diligence in doing good. We can show our strength as we live the principles the Savior Himself lived. Then we can receive divine spiritual power. Here are ideas for serving with all your strength:

  • Give your undivided attention to your scripture study.

  • Work in unity with those in your ward or branch.

  • Stand strong for moral standards.

  • Act on promptings from the Holy Ghost to bless others.

  • Commit to live righteously and stick to your commitment when temptations arise.

  • Take care of your body through nutrition and exercise.

  • Keep your covenants to gain greater spiritual power.