The Gate and the Path
April 2014

“The Gate and the Path,” New Era, Apr. 2014, 12–13

The Gate and the Path

Priesthood ordinances and covenants set us on the path to eternal life and bless us with the strength we need right now.

We all seek eternal life, which means being saved and exalted in the highest degree of the celestial kingdom, where we can live in Heavenly Father’s presence as families.

In addition to faith in Jesus Christ and repentance, the ordinances and covenants of the priesthood allow us to enter the path that leads to eternal life. No matter when you entered this path or where you are on it—whether you were born in the Church or converted later, whether you have been active all your life or are just returning to Church activity—you can progress along it as you focus on your covenants and what you can do to receive and keep them.

And it’s important to know that priesthood ordinances and covenants don’t just offer the promise of a glorious future. They also give us the strength, comfort, and support we need right now in order to follow the path and endure to the end in righteousness.

Path leading to eternal life (enduring to the end)

See 2 Nephi 31


  • Essential Ordinances and Covenants

    • Baptism

    • Gift of the Holy Ghost

    • Priesthood conferral and ordination (for young men)

    • Temple endowment

    • Temple sealing

  • Renewing and Strengthening Ordinances

    • Sacrament—weekly renewal of baptismal covenant

    • Patriarchal blessings—special individual guidance and promised blessings

    • Blessings for the sick—help and healing

    • Father’s blessings and other blessings of comfort and counsel—peace and guidance when needed

Eternal life (celestial kingdom with family)

gate and path

Illustration by Bryan Beach