Go Forth in His Might
April 2014

“Go Forth in His Might,” New Era, Apr. 2014, 46–47

“Go Forth in His Might”

Sadie O., Texas, USA

girl running

Illustrations by Casey Nelson

I hit the snooze button on my alarm clock. I was in a morning daze and slept in longer than usual. As a result, I was going to be late for early-morning seminary. I hurried out the door and started my car, but it would not move out of the driveway. After a few minutes, I realized that my emergency break was on, preventing the car from moving. It was only six in the morning, and things were already feeling difficult. Plus, I had a busy and demanding day ahead of me. As I drove, I pleaded with my Heavenly Father, “I’m trying to do what I should. Please help me.”

That morning we learned something in seminary that I really needed to hear. My teacher said, “Remember that Heavenly Father is more powerful than Satan, so don’t let Satan get you down.”

Satan was getting me down that morning—I was feeling defeated and upset. I decided that what I needed most was some comfort from the scriptures. I opened my Book of Mormon and read Mosiah 9.

In this chapter, the righteous people of Zeniff go up against a much larger army, the wicked Lamanites. But however daunting the battle seemed, Zeniff’s people trusted Heavenly Father. “And God did hear our cries and did answer our prayers; and we did go forth in his might” (Mosiah 9:18). “Go forth in his might,” I repeated to myself.

I looked at my situation. Although I wasn’t going into a life-threatening battle, I thought of myself as the little army. I was a warrior going up against the difficult morning behind me and the demanding day ahead of me. I realized that I needed to put on the armor of God and “go forth in His might.” And by trusting in Him, I was able to accomplish a lot that day.

There is no doubt that Heavenly Father knows very well what we need, and when we have enough faith to pray or open our scriptures, we will be blessed. I believe that if we study the scriptures every day, they can relate to our specific needs every day.