Music: I Marvel at the Miracle
April 2014

“Music: I Marvel at the Miracle,” New Era, Apr. 2014, 33

I Marvel at the Miracle

1. I marvel at the miracle

Of God’s great love for me.

I try but cannot comprehend

And ask how this could be.

For I had left behind my God

And lost my way through sin.

Still God loved me and sent His Son

To lead me back to Him.

2. I wearied of my weaknesses

And trials filled my days.

I cried out, “Lord, my burden’s hard—

Is there no other way?”

He said, “I give men weaknesses,

And if they come to me,

I give them strength to overcome

And I will make them free.”

3. I pled with God to shed His grace

And take away my sin.

He did, and yet I turned away

And stumbled once again.

At last I knelt before His throne

And offered Him my soul.

He wept, then gave it back to me

Renewed and washed and whole.

4. I wonder at the grace divine

and power to redeem;

That Christ alone could overcome

And change eternity.

My thanks cannot sufficient be.

My praise is incomplete.

For all I pay, my debt remains

For God’s great gift to me.


Embellishments by Kelly-Anne Leyman/iStock/Thinkstock