We’ve Got Mail
August 2012

“We’ve Got Mail,” New Era, Aug. 2012, 39

We’ve Got Mail

Choosing the Right

I look forward to the New Era every month. I like the jokes and the stories by other youth. It is good to know there are others trying to choose the right, like me, all over the world.

Sarah O., 14, Montana, USA

Answering Questions

The article “Answering Your Friends’ Questions” (Jan. 2012) about what to say to your friends when they ask about the Church really hit me. It’s nice to prepare in case something like that comes up. Thanks for the missionary advice!

Kelli G., 13, Utah, USA

Mission Papers (from youth.lds.org)

Awesome article! [See “A Message to Future Missionaries” at lds.org/go/82C.] I turn in my mission papers in March, and I can’t wait! I am thankful for covenants made receiving the Melchizedek Priesthood and the covenants I will soon make in the temple. I love this work. I know it’s true!

Tyler C., 19, California, USA