Every Day in Many Ways
August 2012

“Every Day in Many Ways,” New Era, Aug. 2012, 40–43

Every Day in Many Ways

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As you look for it, you’ll see evidence of Heavenly Father’s love all around you.

Because Heavenly Father loves us so much, He has filled our lives with blessings to make our hearts joyful. Since those blessings surround us, sometimes we forget to notice them and recognize how they show God’s love.

Each day this month, consider focusing on at least one evidence of God’s love for you. Then “give thanks in all things” through thought and prayer for the many blessings and great love He sends (Mosiah 26:38–39; see also Ephesians 5:20 and D&C 59:7). Here are some ideas to help you get started.


Blessings I Notice

01 Wednesday

We have the knowledge that we are children of God (see Psalm 82:6 and Acts 17:28–29).

How does knowing I am a child of God bless me and help me see His hand in my life every day?

02 Thursday

We are blessed as we live worthy to attend the temple (see Psalm 24:3–5).

How have I felt Heavenly Father’s love by attending the temple or holding a temple recommend?

03 Friday

Nature’s beauty is all around—and it was created for us to enjoy (see “My Heavenly Father Loves Me,” Children’s Songbook, 228–29; see also Alma 30:44, Moses 6:63, and lds.org/go/82D).

How is my life blessed by a bird’s song, the sun’s warmth, and the earth’s colors?

04 Saturday

The Savior is our Mediator and has shown us the way to eternal happiness (see John 3:16–17; see also all the headings under “Jesus Christ” in the Topical Guide).

Think about how Jesus Christ’s many roles and titles show His love for me.

05 Sunday

We can worship in church each week and gain strength by associating with others who share our beliefs (see Moroni 6:5–6).

How have I felt Heavenly Father’s love by going to church each week?

06 Monday

We have a variety of healthy and delicious foods available (see Genesis 1:29).

Think about all the choices I have for meals, and remember how mealtime is a great time to be with family and friends.

07 Tuesday

We were created in the image of God (see Genesis 1:26).

Think about all of the blessings I receive because I was created in His image and can become like Him.

08 Wednesday

We are blessed by singing songs unto the Lord (see D&C 25:12; see also D&C 136:28).

How have I felt God’s love when I sing or play hymns or other good music?

09 Thursday

Prophets speak great words of counsel and help guide and protect us (see Amos 3:7).

How have counsel and testimony from Church leaders in general conference, Church magazines, Sunday lessons, or other places helped answer my prayers?

10 Friday

Parents, seminary teachers, and youth leaders are there to help us understand the scriptures (see D&C 88:122).

How have I felt support or guidance through teachings of the Spirit received during conversations or lessons?

11 Saturday

Divine help is always available, especially during trials (see Mosiah 24:13–14; see also Nephi’s experience in 1 Nephi 17:1–5).

What blessings has Heavenly Father given to me as I’ve gone through hard times?

12 Sunday

Keeping a journal is super easy and rewarding, and it’s a great way to remember Heavenly Father’s love (see lds.org/go/82E).

How have I felt Heavenly Father’s love as I’ve journaled about the blessings He sends?

13 Monday

The Holy Ghost can be our constant companion if we live worthy of that special gift. He will guide and direct us and testify of truth (see John 14:26).

Notice today how many times the Spirit directs me when I listen for and feel His direction.

14 Tuesday

We can be forgiven of all of our sins (see Mosiah 4:2, Moroni 6:8, and D&C 19:16–19).

Think about how good I feel each time I experience the cleansing power of the Atonement.

15 Wednesday

Even our weaknesses are blessings, because they help us turn to the Lord so He can help us make them strengths (see Ether 12:27).

How have I been blessed as Heavenly Father helped me turn a weakness into a strength?

16 Thursday

Parents do so much for us and help us learn a lot (see Mosiah 4:14–15 and D&C 68:25–28).

What skills and lessons have I learned from Mom or Dad?

17 Friday

Friends can help us stay true to the gospel and become better people (see lds.org/go/82F).

How have my friends helped me stay close to Heavenly Father?

18 Saturday

Joyful laughter from a glad heart can make any day brighter (see lds.org/go/82G, lds.org/go/82H, and lds.org/go/82J).

How does the laughter of children, family, or friends comfort or bless me?

19 Sunday

Millions of good books are available for us to read and learn from (see D&C 109:7).

How have I been strengthened by the many good resources that help me to learn?

20 Monday

Modern technologies simplify our lives, so we have more time to fulfill our unique missions (see lds.org/go/82K).

How does Heavenly Father bless me through today’s inventions and technologies to do His work?

21 Tuesday

We receive great blessings for paying tithing (see Malachi 3:10 and lds.org/go/82L).

How have I been blessed (both temporally and spiritually) for paying tithing and offerings?

22 Wednesday

Trials, though difficult, can help us learn a lot and make us better than we thought we could be (see D&C 122:7, lds.org/go/82M, and lds.org/go/82N).

How has Heavenly Father helped me become a better person through my trials?

23 Thursday

We can pray to Heavenly Father at all times, and He will always hear us (see 3 Nephi 18:19–20).

How is my life blessed because I know Heavenly Father is always mindful of me and wants the best for me?

24 Friday

Living the Word of Wisdom helps us stay healthy and strong (see D&C 89).

How am I blessed because Heavenly Father taught me how to eat healthy, exercise, avoid harmful substances, and take care of my body?

25 Saturday

All of us are given unique talents and gifts so we can help each other and help build God’s kingdom (see 1 Corinthians 12).

How have I felt love by sharing my talents and enjoying the talents of others?

26 Sunday

We can renew our covenants each week during the sacrament (see D&C 59:9–19).

How have I felt Heavenly Father’s love as I’ve partaken of the sacrament?

27 Monday

The priesthood has been restored (see D&C 13, 20, 84, and 107).

How has the priesthood helped me understand more about Heavenly Father’s love for me?

28 Tuesday

Photography and art help capture the beauty of the world and God’s love (see the article “Beauty All Around” on page 6).

How has artwork strengthened and blessed me?

29 Wednesday

Think about everything we can do in various types of weather: rain, sun, snow, and clouds (see “Thank Thee for Everything,” Children’s Songbook, 10).

How have I seen evidences of God’s hand through various kinds of weather?

30 Thursday

Commandments bring us many blessings when we’re obedient (see D&C 130:20–21).

How have I felt God’s love by following the commandments?

31 Friday

In a world of around 6.8 billion people, we are among just 14.4 million people who are members of the Church (see lds.org/go/82P).

How does having the true gospel in my life bless me, and how can I share that truth with others?

Photograph by © iStock.com/Kyoshino