Make the Choice: Dating

“Make the Choice: Dating,” New Era, May 2012, 24–25

Make the Choice: Dating

Once you turn 16, group dating is a great way to build friendships. You’ll want to keep in mind a few things. Follow the example below to see what outcomes your decisions may have.


  1. You worked up the nerve to ask someone out. Great job. Your date asks, “Who else is coming?” You answer:

    1. John and Suzy. (Go to #2.)

    2. No one. (Go to #3.)

  2. Good answer. Group dating is important in your teenage years. What do you have planned for the date?

    1. Go to a movie. (Go to #4.)

    2. Go on a hike. (Go to #5.)

  3. It’s time to rethink this one (see For the Strength of Youth [2011], 4). Your date says she won’t go without a group. What do you do?

    1. Make it a group date instead. (Go to #2.)

    2. Stay home.

  4. A nice idea, but maybe not the best option. You enjoyed the show, but you sat next to each other for two hours without saying a word. What do you do next?

    1. Go home; you’re tired. (Go to #6.)

    2. Make a dessert. (Go to #7.)

  5. Sounds fun! And it will give you lots of opportunities to get to know one another. Did you tell your date what the plan is?

    1. Of course! (Go to #8.)

    2. Whoops! (Go to #9.)

  6. You take your date home, and she thanks you for the nice time. It’s too bad you didn’t really get to know her better instead of just watching a movie.

  7. The group gets ice cream at someone’s home. The dessert is good, and you enjoy talking with everyone. It’s almost curfew. What do you do?

    1. Take your date home. (Go to #10.)

    2. Stay a little longer—you’re having fun. (Go to #11.)

  8. You enjoyed the hike and really got to know everyone in the group. What now?

    1. Make a dessert. (Go to #7.)

    2. Take your date home. (Go to #10.)

  9. Your date wasn’t prepared for hiking, so you wait inside the door for a few minutes while she changes. You’re a little late in meeting up with the group, so the hike ends up shorter than you’d planned, but it’s still fun. What now?

    1. Make a dessert. (Go to #7.)

    2. Take your date home. (Go to #10.)

  10. Your date says she had a great time, thanks you for the evening, and says, “We should do that again sometime!” You smile all the way home.

  11. When you return home after curfew, you and your date both get grounded. Even though you had fun, your date’s dad won’t let you go out again.

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