Blessed by Indexing

“Blessed by Indexing,” New Era, May 2012, 46–47

Blessed by Indexing

Rachele J., Utah, USA

I was first introduced to FamilySearch indexing (see page 42) in one of my mom’s Relief Society meetings. I didn’t really understand what it was, but I thought it would be a terrific way to pass off a value project in my Personal Progress booklet. Luckily, my neighbor was able to help me get started.

At first, it was just about getting the 10 hours done. Little did I know that it would be so much more than that. It was so cool to see how old these records were and just have the feeling of helping people find their family history. Now, when I go to the temple, I get an even more powerful feeling than I did before. It makes me feel happy inside.

Indexing also affected my family. My father works in the Church’s Family History Department. When he saw me doing indexing, I could see a spark of excitement go through him. I learned more about his work, and we spent quality time together. Later, I taught my mom how to index and helped with workshops for ward members. After I had finished my 10-hour value project, I found myself still indexing. In about two and a half months, I was able to get over a thousand records done.

Indexing is such a great way to spend my extra time. Instead of doing things for myself, I am doing it for others. It helps the temple workers have names for baptisms for the dead. And it also builds the database that helps people find their ancestors and the significant dates in their lives.

Indexing is a great activity for everyone to do. It doesn’t matter if you’re 13, 18, or 56—every little bit of help counts.