Well Suited
January 2009

“Well Suited,” New Era, Jan. 2009, 45

Well Suited

I have always been thrifty with my money. My parents taught me to work hard for the things I wanted, and I learned quickly to save every penny, nickel, and dime that I earned. They also taught me the importance of tithing. Though it was difficult at first to part with the money, I quickly learned that God always blesses us for the sacrifice.

When I received my mission call I was thrilled to go but quickly realized I was going to need a lot of supplies. I had saved my money for years, but the cost of each month in addition to the shoes, shirts, ties, belts, scriptures, and other various articles I would need as a missionary quickly added up. As a college student, my finances were already strained.

I knew I needed to serve the Lord, and I knew that He would help me to do it, so I decided to “prove” Him as it says in Malachi 3:10. I always paid a full tithe. I knew God would provide a way, and He did.

With my parents’ aid, I covered all of the expenses I would need, except for one suit. I went to a local second-hand store in hopes of finding one. I often have a difficult time finding clothes that fit because I am rather tall with long arms. After a few minutes of searching the racks I found just the suit I was looking for, and it fit perfectly!

It was a direct answer to a simple prayer. Even though it was a small need, I know that when we pay a full tithe, the Lord will provide a way.