Get Ready For …
January 2009

“Get Ready For …” New Era, Jan. 2009, 38

Get Ready For …

A Brand New Year

Start the new year with a celebration!

Beginning on January 1, 2009, you can go to www.NewEra.lds.org to link to messages, music, and videos that will help you launch the new year in a great way.

At this link, you can feel like you were in the audience at the event called A Brand New Year: A Celebration for Latter-day Saint Youth, which was recorded at the Conference Center. This fun, musical, and inspiring program features:

  • A message from Elder Jeffrey R. Holland of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles.

  • A celebration of youth activities from around the world in 2008.

  • An introduction of the 2009 Mutual theme by the Young Men and Young Women general presidencies.

You can watch the video and download the music from this event online, and you can make your own commitments and goals to be an “example of the believers” (1 Timothy 4:12) in the coming year.