What’s in It for You
July 2007

“What’s in It for You,” New Era, July 2007, 47

What’s in It for You

Mutual Activity Ideas

  • It might be fun and educational to try Book of Mormon charades. Choose teams and have each team act out the stories or characters in the Book of Mormon using the methods used in charades. To help the teams, write out a brief paragraph on the person or event that they can read after drawing a slip before their turns.

  • Have a physical fitness activity. Plans could include assigning each Young Women class or quorum a part of the body and having them present two or three exercises that will improve that particular part. Have the classes teach the exercises to the whole group.

Personal Progress Idea

  • You could help plan a family home evening for keeping the Sabbath day holy. Talk with your family about how it has strengthened their faith in that Church principle. Use the experience to help complete Faith experience #3.

Family Home Evening Idea

  • Create a list of activities to help your family keep the Sabbath holy. Gather past issues of Church magazines into one storage spot. Make extra copies of coloring or activity pages from the Friend. Make a list of people in your family or ward who need visits. Schedule a time to take a walk together as a family. Keep adding to your list of ideas to encourage Sabbath day observance.

Sunday Lesson Helps

In addition to the Resource Guides (printed in the May and November Ensign), Young Women and Aaronic Priesthood teachers may find these additional resources helpful in enhancing lessons 27–31.

Young Women Manual 2

Lesson 27: Strengthening Testimony through Obedience

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Q&A (sin seems to be fun), New Era, Jan. 2007, 14.

Lesson 28: Agency

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Idea List: “Overcoming Temptation,” New Era, Jan. 2007, 23.

Lesson 29: Exaltation

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Lesson 30: Strengthening Testimony through Service

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Lesson 31: The Law of the Land

Jordan Muhlestein, “Serve It Forward,” New Era, Jan. 2007, 28.

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Aaronic Priesthood Manual 2

Lesson 27: The Lord’s Law of Health

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Lesson 28: The Sabbath

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Lesson 29: The Purpose of Life

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Lesson 30: Charity

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Lesson 31: Forgiveness

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