The Extra Smile
July 2007

“The Extra Smile,” New Era, July 2007, 27

The Extra Smile

Last year, our very first nephew, Nathan, left to serve a mission in Mexico. We explained to our children that Nathan was in the MTC to learn Spanish. One evening we decided to devote a family home evening night to writing letters to him. Although we were helping the youngest, all of the other children were writing independently. At one point, Stephen, age 7, asked, “How do you spell ‘empty?’” We thought nothing of it at the time, but later as we were reviewing what the kids had written, we saw this question in Stephen’s letter: “Dear Nathan, what do you do in the empty sea?”
—Meredith J., Colorado

Illustrated by Val Chadwick Bagley
“Don’t you kids make me turn this cart around.”

Illustrated by Ryan Stoker
“Ha! You landed on Boardwalk, and I have a hotel on it!”
“Seven hundred and fifty dollars, please!”
“I hope you’re paying tithing on that!”

Illustration by Joshua Smeaton