An Exemplary Performance
July 2007

“An Exemplary Performance,” New Era, July 2007, 46

An Exemplary Performance

In Hungary, when a class graduates from high school, we put on a grand ball. All teachers, parents, and friends are invited. The class members perform dances and give other presentations. When I graduated, I was asked to make such a presentation. I decided to play the piano. One of the two pieces I chose to play was a Church hymn. There are not many members of the Church in Hungary, so I didn’t expect any Church members to hear my performance.

The Sunday after the ball, a sister at church excitedly approached me, congratulated me, and told me that she, other Church members, and some investigators had heard me perform. Less-active members had also attended the ball and heard me play the hymn. The sister told me how wonderful it was to hear the hymn at an activity not sponsored by the Church and said that it had strengthened the testimonies of those who attended.

I learned that we never know when we are setting a good example and that even small actions can have a big impact on other people.

Illustration by Chris Hawkes