“Contents,” New Era, Mar. 2007, 1

    New Era

    March 2007

    Volume 37, Number 3

    To Bring the World His Truth

    Whether your mission is close or a few years away, this issue is for you. In it we answer questions like:

    • How should I prepare? (p. 6)

    • What is the process? (p. 14)

    • What happens at the MTC? (p. 26)

    • Where does the temple fit in? (p. 18)

    • What is mission life like? (p. 36)

    • What if I can’t serve full-time? (p. 48)

    You’ll also find many stories of faith and encouragement, as well as advice from General Authorities and New Era readers.

    Cover: In Fiji and throughout the world, missionaries are preaching the gospel. This issue is devoted to missionary preparation. Cover photography: Welden C. Andersen (front) and Craig Dimond (back)