How should I respond to questions about the Church?
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“How should I respond to questions about the Church?” New Era, Mar. 2007, 53

Missionary Preparation

“Sometimes people ask me challenging questions about the Church, and I’m not sure how to answer them. How should I respond?”

Whether people are asking a sincere question or are just trying to upset you, your response should always be honest and genuine. Don’t be defensive or argumentative.

If they ask about something you don’t know much about, just tell them what you do know, along with a simple, humble testimony to help them feel the Spirit. Or if you want to give a quick answer that will lead them to more information, visit with them, which gives straightforward answers to many common questions.

Be honest about the things you don’t know, but tell them that you can find out. If people are interested in finding out about the Church, they won’t mind waiting for an answer. If they’re really interested, go ahead and offer to arrange a meeting with the missionaries.

People have been asking challenging questions about the Church practically since the day it was founded. You’re not the only one who has had to deal with them. Talk to your parents, your bishop, the full-time missionaries, or other members. They’ll either know how to answer or where to look for an answer. A couple of good resources you can look up on your own are: Preach My Gospel, which can help you learn how to talk to people, and the book True to the Faith, which contains basic information about a wide variety of Church topics.

Often people have simply heard strange things about the Church and just want to know whether they are accurate. You can reassure them by telling them about life in the Church as you know it—the fun, the love, the caring, and the spiritual growth you have experienced. Let them know how being a Latter-day Saint has helped you draw close to Jesus Christ.