We’ve Got Mail

    “We’ve Got Mail,” New Era, Nov. 2006, 48

    We’ve Got Mail

    His Final Days

    Thank you so much for the “His Final Days” article (Apr. 2006). After being in the Mesa Easter Pageant this year, the scenes of Christ’s life were really dear to me. I really liked the artwork, and I think it’s great to review everything that leads up to Easter, because sometimes we forget that amazing week as well as the amazing life Christ led.
    Sarah R., Arizona

    Sunday Best

    I appreciated the article by Elder Christofferson in the June 2006 issue of the New Era (“A Sense of the Sacred”). My husband and I are serving a mission in Accra, Ghana, and each Sunday we visit a different ward. We have been impressed that the men and boys come to Sunday meetings dressed in white shirts and ties, and the women and girls come in clean, modest dresses. It is obvious that their clothing is the best they have. Likewise, when they come to the temple, they are dressed in their Sunday best. We marvel at their humility and their desire to show respect to our Father in Heaven by dressing appropriately when they enter His holy house—whether it is the meetinghouse or the temple.
    Sister Carolyn W., Ghana

    Married in the Temple

    I enjoyed the article about Nate Soelberg in the July 2006 New Era. I thought that it was very positive and gave a good role model for the youth of the Church.

    I know Nate and have a great deal of respect and admiration for him. I know that he has been blessed and has a great testimony of the gospel, as does his wife, Jessica.

    I was disappointed that you mentioned he was married in April, but you failed to finish the story and inform the youth of the Church that he and Jessica were married in the Salt Lake Temple—a goal of theirs.
    William J., Utah

    Editor’s note: Thank you for this important clarification.

    Q&A Help

    I really like each month’s Q&A page. It helps me figure out what to do if I have a question I need to ask myself in a similar situation. I have a question for you: what if you want to study the scriptures but you don’t have time? Thanks for your Q&A pages!
    Megan E., Utah

    Editor’s note: Thanks for the suggestion. We use real questions like this from readers and would love to get more. Please send them to the address on the inside front cover of the magazine.

    Old Treasures

    Right now, I am not receiving the New Era, but after looking through some old magazines, I came across some issues from 2004. While reading them, I realized that no matter how old it is, it always remains true and holds the Holy Spirit within its words. No matter how current, the New Era can always uplift in time of need. So if you just can’t wait until next month to unwrap that brand new issue of the New Era, I encourage you to look through your old magazines and discover old, but new, treasures.
    Malina Mae C., California

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