What’s in It for You

    “What’s in It for You,” New Era, Nov. 2006, 47

    What’s in It for You

    Mutual Activity Ideas

    • Read aloud the article by Mariama Kallon, titled “Learning to Hope,” on page 10. If you live near a Church humanitarian center, ask for instructions on assembling hygiene kits, and prepare ahead by having people bring supplies for the kits. Or check with homeless shelters in your community and ask if your group can prepare hygiene kits according to their needs.

    Personal Progress or Duty to God

    • Preparing names to be taken to the temple for temple work can be intimidating, but what better goal to set for Personal Progress and Duty to God? Read “Putting the Puzzle Together” on page 18 and try following the example of the teens in the South Weber Utah Stake. Start making copies of the family history that has already been prepared in your family and ask for help with the next steps from the family history consultant in your ward.

    • Read “Five Reasons to Love Personal Progress” on page 32. Get out your Personal Progress book and see where you stand. Make a plan to finish what you have started. If you need help, ask your parents or your Young Women leaders.

    Family Home Evening Idea

    • Talk about the suggestions for improving your health offered in the Idea List on page 23. Decide on one or two to try as a family. Make a plan to implement some of the healthful changes.

    Sunday Lesson Helps

    In addition to the Resource Guides (printed in May and November in the Ensign), Young Women and Aaronic Priesthood teachers may find these additional resources helpful in enhancing lessons 47–49.

    Young Women Manual 1

    Lesson 47: Encouraging the Development of Talents

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    Lesson 48: Short-Range Goals as Stepping Stones

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    Lesson 49: Delegating Responsibility to Others

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    Aaronic Priesthood Manual 1

    Lesson 47: Consecration and Sacrifice

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    Lesson 48: The Power to Baptize

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    Lesson 49: Using Time Wisely

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