Baily to the Rescue

    “Baily to the Rescue,” New Era, Nov. 2006, 13

    Baily to the Rescue

    Every effort to help is valuable.

    Baily Riggin, a Beehive in Spokane, Washington, had heard all about Hurricane Katrina, which hit the Gulf coast of the United States in August 2005. “I felt like I needed to do something to help the people in New Orleans,” she says. But what could she, a 12-year-old girl on the other side of the country, do to help people who lived so far away?

    She and her mom went looking for ways to serve and discovered on the Church’s Web site that she could collect items and assemble hygiene kits. The first place she tried to round up supplies was at her school. But the school was already trying to help the hurricane victims in another way and chose not to participate.

    Next, Baily thought she would try her neighbors. She rode her bicycle to more than 400 homes, posting fliers she had made that explained the need for hygiene products. Her fliers got a good response, and, only a few days later, she had enough supplies to make 45 hygiene kits to donate to the Church’s efforts.

    The fact that the Church donated thousands of these kits doesn’t make Baily’s 45 kits any less valuable. She was happy to do her part to help those in need. And somewhere, she says, there are 45 people for whom her service made a difference.

    “I felt really good because I knew I could help someone. Each kit I made meant one more person could be helped.”

    You can help!

    Everyone has some time and talents to share. Here are a few ways you could serve in welfare and humanitarian efforts:

    • Contribute a generous fast offering.

    • Donate to the Church’s Humanitarian Aid Fund using your donation slip.

    • Donate clothing and other usable items to Deseret Industries or other similar nonprofit humanitarian organizations.

    • If you are able, sign up to work at a Church cannery, bishops’ storehouse, or welfare farm.

    • Ask your parents or leaders if anyone in your ward needs service. Look for opportunities to use your talents to serve your ward members.

    • Volunteer in your community.

    • Assemble hygiene, newborn, or school kits, or collect and make items for these kits.

    • Make quilts, toys, sweaters, or other items to donate to Church humanitarian efforts.

    (For specific guidelines on helping and how-to instructions on making toys or putting together newborn, hygiene, or school kits, visit and click on “Caring for Others,” “Humanitarian Services,” and then “How Can I Help?”)

    Photograph courtesy of Baily Riggin