We’ve Got Mail
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“We’ve Got Mail,” New Era, Aug. 2006, 48

We’ve Got Mail

Good Advice

I love to read the New Era. It is the only magazine I like. It gives good advice and helps me so much with my problems. Now it’s easier to talk to everyone about the Church. Since I started reading the New Era, more friends are asking me if they can have their own Book of Mormon or For the Strength of Youth pamphlet. I’m so happy that the New Era is published.

Karen P., San Jose, Costa Rica

No One Left Out

I really liked the article “The Perfect Comeback” in the April 2006 New Era. If everyone were as nice and caring as Dennis and David, no one would feel left out. They wouldn’t care what other people thought about them, and no one would be a joke to everyone else. I think everyone should be able to feel comfortable in their ward.

Dee E., Utah

Cooling Anger

Thank you for writing “Cooling Your Anger” (Feb. 2006). All of the ideas really helped me. I liked it so much that I gave a talk on it to my family on family night.

Tyler R., Texas

Still Applies

This magazine is a treasure to read. When I was a teenager, I used to lightly glance at each issue of the magazine, occasionally finding an article or Q&A that interested me. Then I’d put it down after reading the poster and cartoons. Now that I’ve left home, I recently started a subscription to the New Era because many of the topics addressed still apply to me. I am filled with desires to do good while reading it. I wonder how much happier and more productive my teen years might have been if I had taken time to read through each issue. Although I liked it, I didn’t fully realize it as the positive influence that it is. I’m thrilled to be reading it again.

Alexander S., Montana

Like Jake

When I read the cover story, “Looking Up to Jake,” in the March 2006 New Era, it really helped me to know that no matter what is happening in my life, God is still going to help me and love me. It helped me to realize that nothing can get in the way of my dreams if I put my mind to it like Jake did.

Joseph V., Colorado

I very much enjoyed your article “Looking Up to Jake” (March 2006). I especially liked it because Jake’s coach used to be my coach, too. Jake is one of the many who Coach Miller has helped. He changes the lives of those around him, whether they be on the team, in his class, or in his school. No matter how many lives he touches, he did touch mine, and to me that is worth the world.

Elder Wilson, South Africa

Illustrated by Bill Mayer