Idea List: Pray with Power
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“Idea List: Pray with Power,” New Era, Aug. 2006, 7

Idea List:

Pray with Power

Prayers have moved mountains. They have brought down fire from heaven. They have even raised the dead. Although we may not always receive dramatic answers to our prayers, prayer can be a powerful tool in our lives. Try these ideas to make your communication with Heavenly Father more meaningful and powerful.

  • Before you pray, think about all the blessings you have been given during the day, and thank Heavenly Father for them. Once in a while, offer a prayer of gratitude, not asking God for anything but thanking Him for what you have already received from Him.

  • Pray with faith, believing that God hears you and will answer you.

  • Prayer is a process of bringing our will into agreement with Heavenly Father’s. Remember to sincerely say a phrase such as “if it is Thy will” when you ask for blessings. He will bless you according to His will for you, and you need to be willing to accept it.

  • Be awake and aware. If you are usually too tired to pray before you go to bed, try saying an evening prayer just before or after dinnertime.

  • When you ask for a blessing, do all you can in your power to make your situation better while you patiently wait for answers to your prayers.

  • Always have a prayer in your heart. Pray about your family, your homework, your safety—everything that is of concern to you. You could remind yourself by deciding to pray silently whenever you hear a telephone ring or every time you open a door.

  • In your prayers, ask Heavenly Father if there is anything He wants you to pray about or to do, and then listen.

  • Ask the right question to get the answer you need. For instance, if you pray for relief from a burden and it doesn’t go away, try praying for strength to bear your burden.

  • Pray with real intent. If you ask God to forgive you for committing a sin, be sure you really intend to give up the sin. If you ask for a blessing, be sure you are willing to do what He asks you to do to receive that blessing.

Photograph by Craig Dimond