We’ve Got Mail
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“We’ve Got Mail,” New Era, June 2005, 50

We’ve Got Mail

Ready, Set, …

Thank you for your Idea List titled “Practically Prepared” in the March 2005 issue. This article has helped me find ways to start preparing now for my future mission. I recently gave a talk in sacrament meeting on preparing to be a missionary. I have been reading the New Era for only a year, and I find many things I like to read. Thank you for having a magazine that is for my age. I will read the New Era every month for many more years.
Jonathon Felton, Evansville Ward, Evansville Indiana Stake

Clean Answer

I really appreciated the Q&A in the March issue about keeping a clean room. I have had a hard time keeping my room clean, especially since I have four siblings running in and out of there. The article encouraged me to keep trying to keep my room clean. Thanks.
Jessica Scott, Clarksville Branch, Fort Smith Arkansas Stake

Time for Questions

I’d just like to express my appreciation for your magazine, especially for the Questions and Answers section. The questions are usually simple, yet most of them are things we don’t find the time to think about in our studies at seminary and church. I enjoy reading the answers from different kids my age around the world, and it really helps when it comes to living our everyday lives. It has been a great influence and a crutch at times. I look forward to future issues.
Chase Barnes, Canyon Lake Ward, San Antonio Texas North Stake

Thanks, Mom

I have enjoyed reading your magazine. I especially liked the article “Next to the Angels” (Mar. 2005). It reminded me of the thankfulness we should have for our mothers. Thank you very much.
Brian Peterson, White Rock Ward, Santa Fe New Mexico Stake

Inspiring Words

I really enjoyed the article by Dee Jardine, “Old Mossy,” in the March 2005 New Era. As a teenager it is sometimes difficult to listen and obey everything your parents tell you to do. I am so grateful for the words of inspiration that come each month in the New Era. Thanks for the help you give us in these challenging times.
Issac Demke, Kaw River Ward, Lenexa Kansas Stake

Café Dining

Thank you so much for the article “Internet Café” (Mar. 2005). It answered a lot of questions I had about the Internet. I don’t use the Internet very often, and when I do, I feel vulnerable because of my lack of knowledge about the Internet and its many dangers. This article will help me understand and be more prepared when I use it.
Aaron Hastings, McKinney Third Ward, McKinney Texas Stake

Illustrated by Bill Mayer