On Trails Unknown

“On Trails Unknown,” New Era, June 2005, 51

On Trails Unknown

Alone I travel on trails unknown,

On untrod paths far from my home,

But never will I question why,

Never, friend, will I deny

The truth.

Though I’m chased by murderous bands,

Savage mobs with bloodstained hands,

Who threaten me with calls to die,

Friend, I swear, I’ll not deny

The sacred truth.

I’ll fight with all my strength possessed,

’Til heart and mind lose life and breath,

’Til under mounds of earth I lie.

No, friend, I will not deny

The Christ.

Now to thee, these words I pass,

On worlds where truth may always last.

From olden days and times I cry,

Please, my friend, do not deny

The Christ.

Photo by Lane V. Erickson, may not be copied