Idea List: Wake Up to Seminary
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“Idea List: Wake Up to Seminary,” New Era, June 2005, 39

Idea List:

Wake Up to Seminary

The nine students in the early early-morning seminary class in Silverdale, Washington, go to seminary at 5:15 a.m. so they can get to school on time at 6:20 a.m. At such an early hour, they have learned how to make the most of their time in seminary. If you attend early-morning seminary, here are some of their ideas you can use:

  • Be on time so you can participate in the opening prayer and invite the Spirit to teach you during the lesson.

  • Go to bed on time. A good night’s rest will help you be more refreshed for early-morning seminary.

  • Try to eat a healthy breakfast before you go so you’ll have energy.

  • Say a personal prayer before class, and ask the Lord to teach you during seminary.

  • If you drive to seminary, listen to music that invites the Spirit.

  • If you are asked to say the opening prayer, ask Heavenly Father for the Spirit to be with you, your classmates, and your teacher.

  • Come to seminary eager to learn the gospel.

  • Participate in the lesson by asking questions, volunteering to read, or helping in whatever way you can. You will understand more, and the teacher will feel more appreciated.

  • Continue learning about the gospel outside of seminary by studying the scriptures and memorizing scripture mastery verses.

  • Come with a positive attitude. It really brightens the atmosphere!

  • A little exercise or stretching before class can help you stay more awake and attentive.

  • Learn to love the people in your class. You will build a positive feeling in your class and invite the Spirit.

  • Seek for ways to build others’ testimonies as you strengthen your own through gospel study. You could serve members of your class or bear your testimony to them.

  • Seminary is what you make it. Your cheerfulness, sense of humor, and kindness to others in your class can make seminary a really fun place to be with friends.

Photographs courtesy of the Silverdale, Washington, Seminary