Jonathan’s Perspective

“Jonathan’s Perspective,” New Era, Jan. 2005, 51

Jonathan’s Perspective

Two mornings after Christmas,

I walked while my brother

Pedaled circles in front of me

With his new bike.

It was four miles of time to

Talk about the small mysteries of

Our sunny dome seen by his curious eyes.

The clouds were a tangle of

Shifting cotton that day.

He watched the commotion attentively

When the path was straight and smooth,

Commenting that the little clouds

Flew faster than the big ones

Because they were scared of being eaten.

I smiled and, becoming the

Intelligent older sister, decided to

Describe the formation of water vapor.

Articulating my words for tinier ears,

I explained evaporation, condensation,

And why raindrops come tumbling down.

“Oh!” he exclaimed excitedly,

Understanding lighting his pink face,

“So we really drink clouds!”

I love that morning memory.

Photo by Tamra Ratieta