My Great-Great Temple Trip

“My Great-Great Temple Trip,” New Era, Jan. 2005, 47

My Great-Great Temple Trip

A few days after my 12th birthday, my grandparents, parents, and I went to the Denver Colorado Temple. My grandma and grandpa had done the family history work for many of my ancestors so I could be baptized for them.

In the temple everybody was kind to me. There was a reverent feeling, and I could tell the Holy Spirit was there. When I was being baptized, I felt warm inside. Every time I was baptized for one of my ancestors, I could picture in my mind each one of them being set free.

Since then, I have been able to return and perform more baptisms for the dead. I have even been baptized for my 12th great-grandmother, who lived in Switzerland in the 1600s.

I love going to the temple and the feeling I have while I’m there. I’m glad my grandparents are doing family history work so I can get to know my ancestors and help them receive the blessings of the temple. By doing this, I know my family and I are receiving many blessings.

  • Rachelle Simonsen is a member of the Conifer Ward, Golden Colorado Stake.