What’s in It for You
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“What’s in It for You,” New Era, June 2004, 49

What’s in It for You

Mutual Activity

• Plan an activity night devoted to gaining an understanding of the needs of those who are dealing with a disability. Borrow crutches, a wheelchair, or other equipment such as a cane used by the blind or earplugs to replicate hearing difficulties. Try maneuvering through doors, up and down stairs, or in and out of classrooms or restrooms as well as participating in a teaching situation. Under the guidance of your youth leaders, invite several ward members, either who deal with a disability personally or who take care of someone with a disability, to talk about what is helpful and comforting and what is not.

Service Project Suggestion

• As a quorum or class, ask the bishopric if there is any way the youth of the ward can help other members of the ward in getting to church. Perhaps the quorum or class could arrange rides or make calls when meeting times change or when special meetings such as stake conference or general conference are held instead of regular Sunday meetings.

Family Home Evening Ideas

  • Read together the article “Mission Made Possible” on page 12. Brainstorm some ways to help members of your family earn and save money for their missions. Consider donating the cost of the evening’s treat to either the Church’s mission fund or to a person who is saving for a mission.

  • Using the article “How to Beat Bullying” on page 34 as a guide, talk about how to handle a bully and how not to bully others. Be sure to include a discussion of forgiveness.

Sunday Lesson Helps

In addition to the Resource Guides (printed in May and November in the Ensign and Liahona), Young Women and Aaronic Priesthood teachers may find these additional resources helpful in enhancing lessons 22–25.

Young Women Manual 2

Lesson 22 Counseling with the Lord

Q&A: “How can I feel peace … ?” New Era, Apr. 2004, 16.

Bobby Thurman, “Kneeling to Know,” New Era, Mar. 2004, 9.

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Lesson 23 Fasting Brings Blessings

Esther Hansen, “The Real Fast,” New Era, May 2002, 11.

Q&A: “Do I really need to pay a fast offering … ?” New Era, May 2003, 16.

Lesson 24 Revelation in Our Daily Lives

Keith Crockett, “Follow the Trail,” New Era, Mar. 2004, 42.

Marged A. Kirkpatrick, “I Didn’t Want to Die,” New Era, Jan. 2004, 15.

Lesson 25 The Law of Sacrifice

Taylor Woodruff, “Getting the Point,” New Era, Oct. 2003, 46.

Poster: “Love God with All Your Might,” New Era, July 2003, 19.

Kristen Winmill Southwick, “Birthday Temple Trip,” New Era, Feb. 2003, 28.

Aaronic Priesthood Manual 2

Lesson 22 Patriarchal Leadership in the Home

Boyd K. Packer, “You’re in the Driver’s Seat,” New Era, this issue, 4.

Q&A: “What can I do to stay close to my dad … ?” New Era, Feb. 2004, 16.

Lesson 23 Practical Preparation for a Mission

Shanna Butler, “Mission Made Possible,” New Era, this issue, 12.

Ryan Carr, “Easier than You Think,” New Era, this issue, 28.

Richard G. Scott and Charles Didier, “Be One of the Greatest,” New Era, Mar. 2004, 10.

Lesson 24 The Blessings of Work

Q&A: “Almost all the jobs I am qualified for require Sunday work …” New Era, this issue, 16.

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Lesson 25 Personal Purity through Self-discipline

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