Idea List: Scripture Study Tips
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“Idea List: Scripture Study Tips,” New Era, June 2004, 33

Idea List:

Scripture Study Tips

President Hinckley has asked “every boy and girl who is old enough to again read the Book of Mormon. … There is nothing we could do of greater importance than to have fortified in our individual lives an unshakable conviction that Jesus is the Christ.” He suggested putting a little red check mark in the margin beside every reference to the Savior in the Book of Mormon. If we do, “There will come to you a very real conviction as you do so that this is in very deed another witness for the Lord Jesus Christ” (Ensign, July 1997, 72–73).

Here are some more scripture study ideas for you to try:

  • Read your scriptures daily for a set amount of time, and try to read when you’re alert.

  • Mark your scriptures with pencil or something that won’t show through on the other side. Writing with something erasable is a good idea too.

  • You could color code your markings. You could use one color for references to the Savior; select another color for scriptures on repentance, and so on.

  • Keep a scripture journal to record your inspiration and what you learn as you read.

  • Scripture chains link from one scripture to another on the same topic and can help you pick out themes in the scriptures. For example, to study obedience, see 1 Nephi 2:20; then read 1 Nephi 4:14; 2 Nephi 4:4; and Jarom 1:9. Write the reference of the next scripture beside each scripture as you go along.

  • As you go through the Bible, circle the numbers of the verses that have Joseph Smith Translations, then circle the corresponding JST note at the bottom of the page. The next time you read the Bible, you’ll already know where all the JSTs are.

  • Study both sequentially and topically. You’ll always find new things in the scriptures as you look at them in new ways.

  • Each time you read, find something to ponder.

  • Use the tools provided for you in the Latter-day Saint edition of the scriptures: Topical Guide, Bible Dictionary, maps, footnotes, Index, and Pronouncing Guide.

  • Finally, remember that no matter what system you use to study your scriptures, it is the Holy Spirit who brings us light and understanding. Remember to pray for His guidance as you study.

Photograph by Christina Smith