Search, Pray, Believe

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“Search, Pray, Believe,” New Era, Jan. 2004, 11

Search, Pray, Believe

Here’s what the Young Men and Young Women general presidencies have to tell you about this year’s Mutual theme.

2004 Mutual Theme

“Search diligently, pray always, and be believing, and all things shall work together for your good” (D&C 90:24).

A Most Generous Promise

Doctrine and Covenants 90:24 contains one of the most generous promises of the Lord. But it can be realized only by fulfilling the necessary conditions.

With limited years of experience, you may not yet know whether “all things [can] work together for your good.” It often requires a lifetime of trusting in the Lord to judge whether this promise is true.

We testify that it is true and that you may—by your diligence, prayerfulness, faith, and obedience—claim all the blessings of what the Apostle Peter called the Savior’s “great and precious promises” (2 Pet. 1:4.

Young Men General Presidency

Young Men General Presidency
Elder F. Melvin Hammond, President (center)
Elder Lynn G. Robbins, First Counselor (left)
Elder Donald L. Hallstrom, Second Counselor (right)

A Formula for Spiritual Protection

Here it is, a formula for spiritual protection and success! “Search diligently, pray always, and be believing.” This formula fortified the sons of Mosiah (see Alma 17:2–3), and it can be a safeguard for you.

Use this theme as you prepare talks and plan activities. Use it at school and in your families. As you do so, the Holy Ghost will guide you. You are promised, “All things shall work together for your good.”

We love you, we pray for you, and we have confidence in you. Put this formula to the test. It works.

Young Women General Presidency

Young Women General Presidency
Susan W. Tanner, President (center)
Julie B. Beck, First Counselor (left)
Elaine S. Dalton, Second Counselor (right)

Youth from around the world speak out on what the Mutual theme means to them.

Search Diligently

In this verse, we can learn what kind of people we should be to come unto Christ. To return to God’s kingdom we need to seek knowledge diligently, to pray and ask for help, and what is most important—to truly believe in the Lord. Then we will get great blessings and inherit eternal life. Of course, we need to keep all the covenants that we entered into when we were baptized.
Vladimir Proskourin, 16
Vladivostok First Branch, Vladivostok Russia District

This Church was restored through a boy who decided to “search diligently.” The Prophet Joseph Smith has helped us all by setting an example. By searching the scriptures, along with searching our hearts, we can find the answers we are looking for.
Kyle Curbello, 17
Jenks Ward, Tulsa Oklahoma Stake

Searching diligently is necessary to understand the gospel. When someone asks me a question I cannot answer, I turn to the basic principles of the gospel for help. I want to make sure that the next time the subject comes up, I will have an answer for them.
Melanie Grant, 16
Walled Lake Ward, Bloomfield Hills Michigan Stake

Puzzles are my hobby. My strategy is to put one piece at a time in its place. I must concentrate until the last piece is in place. This is like living a gospel-centered life. We must focus continually. We need to constantly seek God’s path, have diligence in our work, and place everything in God’s care.
Ying Lin Lee, 19
Shuang Ho First Ward, Taipei Taiwan West Stake

When I read this passage, I think of the need to search diligently for people who need the gospel. I pray for them and for the missionaries. It is also important for me to talk to people about what we know and to show them how happy I am because of it.
Sarah Hoare, 12
Liverpool Ward, Liverpool England Stake

Pray Always

My youngest brother was saying the usual family prayer, “Thank Thee for this day, the weather … ,” when out of this five-year-old’s mouth came, “and thank Thee for letting us be able to talk to Thee always.” I sat for a long time wondering about my wise brother. I started saying personal prayers in the morning and right before I went to bed. I was happier than before and felt the Spirit more often. My questions and doubts were quickly answered, and I knew that I was spiritually improving.
Andrea Minson, 14
Baytown First Ward, Houston Texas East Stake

Through prayer, Heavenly Father gives us the opportunity to seek guidance through our struggles, to worship, to express our gratitude, and most important, to come unto Him and His Son and partake of Their love.
Paul Brusuelas, 17
Eagle River Third Ward, Wasilla Alaska Stake

“Pray always” is the phrase that means the most to me because it has helped me throughout my education. Heavenly Father will help you when you ask and put in the effort.
Chantel Burgess, 16
Sunnyvale Ward, Auckland New Zealand Henderson Stake

It doesn’t matter when or where I am, whether I’m happy or sad, prayer will bring peace and happiness. Since I am in high school now, temptations have grown stronger, but I have overcome them through prayer.
Shan Cheng, 15
Lu Yeh Branch, Hua Lien Taiwan District

Be Believing

Believing is an essential step to gaining a strong testimony. You do not have to understand to believe. But with the help and promptings of the Spirit, you can have a greater understanding of all things.
Michelle Pray, 16
Lewisville Second Ward, Lewisville Texas Stake

During Christmas, I was going home teaching and I had a prompting to take my violin and play a Christmas carol for our families. I played for the first two families, but I didn’t see why I had had the prompting. Then we went to the last family (who were less active), and that was when I knew. I played for them and could see that they were moved; the Spirit was there. They started taking the missionary lessons.
Martin Perez, 18
Midland Second Ward, Odessa Texas Stake

In this scripture, the word believing has the deepest meaning to me. Three years ago, due to a mishap during a construction project, my father fell from the roof of a building. I fasted and prayed that Heavenly Father would bless my father to recover his health quickly. My father, who entered the hospital with a spinal injury and unable to walk, left the hospital only 13 days later. Now no one realizes he was ever injured.

Because I was younger at that time, I did not understand what benefit fasting and prayer would bring. I knew I had to believe. Through the teachings of the Church, I know how I can ask for help.
Mi Cheng, 18
Lu Yeh Branch, Hua Lien Taiwan District

All Things Shall Work Together for Your Good

Many nights my choice is between doing scripture study or homework first. On those nights when there is too much to do, I get a little prompting to put away the homework, put my faith in the Lord, and spend my more awake time in the scriptures. It is pretty safe to say that every time I have chosen to study spiritually first, the Lord has made sure my other work was taken care of on time.
Michelle Nielson, 17
Basin City Second Ward, Pasco Washington Stake

This year our band director scheduled a performance on the day of our annual youth temple trip. Three other Church members and I were to participate in this show, and my director threatened to cancel the performance for everyone if the four of us didn’t go. Some of my friends were upset with me. I decided to fast, pray, and trust in the Lord. The Holy Spirit whispered to me that I should go on the temple trip and that everything would be all right.

After the temple trip, I was afraid to go to band practice. However fear turned to joy as I learned that the band show was postponed because of bad weather. If you put your trust and faith in the Lord, He will direct your life so “all things shall work together for your good.”
Heather Todd, 15
Berwick Ward, Williamsport Pennsylvania Stake

Being from a part-member family and growing up in a big city, I sometimes wondered how to avoid drugs, gangs, or immoral acts. But I know it is possible. Even in the midst of hardships, I know that Heavenly Father will always provide a way. He will not give me a trial or obstacle that I cannot overcome. In the end, all things will work for my good.
Chanthou Lok, 18
South Philadelphia Branch, Valley Forge Pennsylvania Stake

Illustrated by Cary Henrie