My Prayer
November 1985

“My Prayer,” New Era, Nov. 1985, 51

My Prayer

I guess all I really want to say is

Thank you.

I don’t want anything.

I don’t need anything.

Except to let you know that

I appreciate you.

Thank you

for creating rainbows after thunderstorms.

And for make such an essential thing

like sunlight


Thank you for creating a universe so immense

that I cannot begin to imagine all the beauty within,

and for leaving a few questions unanswered,

for me to ponder.

Thank you

for making people of so many different sizes and colors

and for teaching us all to smile in the same language.

Thank you

for giving us four seasons each so different and unique

that they seem new each time around


well … just thank you for the chance I have to start

all over fresh each day.

Thank you

for making such a perfect world

and for letting me borrow a corner of it for just a little while.

Most of all,

Thank you for listening.