FYI: For Your Information
November 1985

“FYI: For Your Information,” New Era, Nov. 1985, 40–43

For Your Information

No man who is occupied in doing a very difficult thing, and doing it very well, ever loses his self-respect.

—George Bernard Shaw

Samoan Miss

Malia Ho Ching, 15, was selected as Miss Tafuna High School. Malia is an A student while being active in the pep club, the international dance club, and a member of the student council.

A Mia Maid, Malia serves as class president and as ward organist in the Nu’uuli First Ward, Pago Pago Samoa Stake.

Dundee Young Men

by David Forbes

Taking advantage of one of the hottest summers on record, about 30 young men of the Dundee Scotland Stake set up camp in an isolated region of Angus County.

Camp leader Paul Roy organized a variety of activities for each day, but the highlight of the week-long camp was a 10-hour pony trek in one of the country’s most beautiful areas. They rode into the blazing sun and crossed three heather-covered glens before taking a refreshing dip in a cool mountain stream during their lunch break.

By the end of the day, regardless of any sore muscles, the boys jumped at the chance to play a game of American-style football.

“The amount of energy these boys have is amazing. I thought after a long day on the ponies they would be exhausted. But not these boys,” said Brother Roy, a member of the stake Young Men presidency.

Top Student

Timothy Hudson of the Auburn Second Ward, Auburn California Stake, was recently commended in the 1985 Merit Scholarship program. He is in the top 5 percent of over one million student participants in the program.

Tim plays varsity basketball on his high school team. He attends seminary and is the second assistant in his priests quorum.

Double President

Debbie Warnick of the Glendale Third Ward, Glendale Arizona Stake, is serving double duty as president of her stake seminary and as student-body president of her high school.

Debbie has taken to heart the idea of goal setting from the Young Women Personal Progress program. She was inspired by the examples of her mother and older sisters as they worked on their personal progress.

Debbie credits the program with her ability to reach some of the goals she has set for herself. In the stake olympics, which is a combination of athletic and cultural arts talents, the young man and young woman with the most points are named as superstars. Debbie won that honor.

Debbie also set a goal to improve her grades. She succeeded and was inducted into the National Honor Society.

Debbie reports that she has received great support in achieving her goals from her family, bishop, and home teachers.

Safety President

Paul Ferguson of Hood River, Oregon, was elected as national president of the National Student Safety program. He helps educate his fellow students about potentially lifesaving issues, such as the importance of wearing seat belts and driving only when sober.

Paul has made several trips around the country speaking to groups and encouraging other student groups to organize safety programs.

Paul earned his Eagle badge, attended seminary, and served as priesthood organist and first assistant in his priests quorum in the Hood River Ward.

Swimmin’ Musician

David G. Rawlins of Pontiac, Michigan, is involved in music and swimming, but not at the same time. He is a member of the marching, symphonic, and jazz bands in his school. He is also on the swimming and tennis teams.

In addition to his school activities, David became the first Scout in ten years to earn the Eagle Award in his troop. However, three of his friends also received theirs shortly after. As his Eagle project, David refurbished a local park.

David is the president of his teachers quorum in the Pontiac Ward, Grand Blanc Michigan Stake.

A Touching Gift

The Laurels of the American Fork Utah 17th Ward held two fund raisers in order to earn money to buy a Book of Mormon in braille. Their work and organization paid off when they succeeded in raising enough money to buy the book. They presented their gift to Marion Boone.

Front row, left to right: Dee Harwood, class president, and Marion Boone.

Middle row: Heidi Gifford, counselor, Tonna Jorgenson, Brandi Maynard, Christine Chee, counselor.

Back row: Deanne Hansen, Jerilyn Johnson, Karen Preston, Andrea Glines, Vanese Nash, and Charlene Heaton, adviser.

Singing ’n Dancing

Rebecca Nelson of Houston, Texas, loves to sing and dance. She has been in All-District and All-Region choirs, plus being named outstanding member of a 16-student group called the Chamber Singers. In addition, she performs as a singer and dancer with a local musical organization.

Rebecca has maintained high grades, has been elected to National Honor Society, and was given an award for her Latin studies by the American Classics Association.

Serving as the vice-president of her early-morning seminary class, Rebecca is also the Laurel president in her ward.

Studying Drama

Suzanne Parsons of Salt Lake City, Utah, was one of the first students from Utah invited to attend the Missoula Montana Children’s Theatre Summer Camp. As the only LDS student at the camp, she had her first missionary experiences explaining about the Church.

Suzanne is a first-year Beehive in the Canyon Rim Fourth Ward, Canyon Rim Utah Stake. She enjoys playing the piano, singing, cooking, sewing, and reading, in addition to drama.

All State Singer

Cindy Snider was chosen to represent her school chorus at the all-state Chorus in Tampa, Florida. Cindy was selected for the all-state performing groups on the basis of statewide auditions in performing and reading music.

Cindy is a Mia Maid in the Orlando First Ward, Orlando Florida Stake.

LDS Thespians

The drama department of Gateway High School in Aurora, Colorado, presented the play “Flowers for Algernon.” Although LDS students comprise a small percentage of the 1,500 students, they dominated the cast.

Myke Sargent played the lead Charlie Gordon, a retarded man that becomes a genius through an experimental operation. The effects then are reversed. Dave Cowles played the cold, calculating professor. Jeff Thorpe and Cindy Rogers played Charlie and his sister, Norma, as children. Shelly Hutchins played Norma as an adult. Robby Eastmond and Cindy Thomas had smaller parts in the play.

Myke, Dave, Cindy Rogers, Shelly, and Robby are from the Aurora Fifth Ward. Jeff is from the Aurora Third Ward, and Cindy Thomas is from the Aurora Hills Ward.

Outstanding Senior

Marcelino Lim, Jr., of the Vallejo California Second Ward, was one of the top ten seniors at his high school. He has been honored for his academic excellence by being named to the California Scholarship Federation and the United States Achievement Academy.

Marcelino was also a guard on the varsity basketball team and was named as an Academic All-American scholarship recipient. In addition he has earned his Eagle, Duty to God, and On My Honor awards.

Marcelino is the chorister for priesthood meeting and sings in the ward choir. He was also a member of the balcony choir for the Oakland Temple pageant.

Player of the Year

As the leading tailback for the varsity football team, Matthew Jenkins helped lead his high school eight-man team to the Idaho state championship with a 10–0 record. Matthew was chosen as all-state running back and named Idaho State Eight-Man Player of the Year.

Besides being the leading scorer in the state and rushing over eight yards per carry, Matthew also played linebacker on defense and was named to the all-state defensive team.

Matthew is an all-around athlete, starting on his high school’s basketball team and going to the state championships in track. In addition, he is a member of National Honor Society.

Matthew is a priest in the Council Ward, Weiser Idaho Stake.

Catching the Spirit

by Deborah J. Lingle

The Young Women of the Battleground Ward, Vancouver Washington West Stake, responded to a challenge. Their advisers encouraged each girl to purchase a Book of Mormon or A Marvelous Work and a Wonder, write her testimony inside, and give it to a nonmember.

Catching the spirit of the challenge of missionary work, the 13 girls managed to give away 22 books in eight months.

After prayerful consideration, Jennifer Goodner, a Mia Maid, felt inspired to place her book with a friend at school. The friend thanked her and said she’d been waiting for Jennifer to approach her because she had so many questions about the Church.

Each girl had experiences that were unique. Alyce Clark, a Mia Maid, managed to place seven books by herself, one to a man who had rejected the Book of Mormon for many years.

The project was an overwhelming success. The process of writing their testimonies helped the girls to examine their beliefs and grow closer to their Heavenly Father. The experience also gave the girls the self-confidence to speak out about the gospel.

Scouting Honor

Michael K. Mantle of the Lawndale Ward, Lawndale California Stake, placed second nationally in the Youth Leadership in America Award competition.

As a regional winner, Michael received a $1,000 scholarship. He was selected as a regional winner based on his achievements in Scouting as well as contributions in citizenship, scholarship, leadership, and religious commitment. He earned his Eagle Award just prior to his 13th birthday.