November 1985

“Feedback,” New Era, Nov. 1985, 3


A record?

I want to express my gratitude, excitement, thrill, joy, and lots of other wonderful words that only my Heavenly Father knows how to express, when I think of the wonderful Church magazines and the seminary program and all they do for me and thousands of other people too. They give spiritual uplift in all parts of the world that anyone who cares to can share in and see how other people are growing in the Lord.

They teach me to achieve, succeed, and overcome—i.e. achieve eternal life, eternal marriage, and eternal happiness. Succeed in school, a mission, and life. And overcome, in general, the things that Satan throws at us, like bad habits and other temptations. They add spice and real spiritual uplift. They boost me where I don’t have the strength to boost myself or where perhaps someone else failed to notice I needed boosting.

The pictures of the programs and activities are exciting. They just make me want to stay active forever! I know that the Church magazines and the seminary program help me to have faith in my Heavenly Father and his son Jesus Christ.

The reason I’m writing about both seminary and the New Era is because of your editor, Elder Asay. I’m an exchange student in Brazil, and I want to graduate from seminary with four years, so I’m doing my lessons in Portuguese. Well, in the manual I saw a quote from Elder Asay. I was interested in who he was because the name sounded familiar. Then today when I started getting into the cover to cover reading of the magazines, which my wonderful mom sent me, I recognized Elder Asay’s name as editor of the New Era. I thought, there must be something special in that name, appearing as it did in books from different sides of the world. Being an editor must be an awfully complicated and sometimes trying job, but such wonderful results deserve nothing less than a great big hand.

Incidentally, I received four New Eras for my birthday, and I read them all in two days. Is that a record?

Diane Niedrich
Belo Horizonte, Brazil

A struggle

Our children have spent many happy hours reading the New Era. It used to be a struggle to see who would get it first when it came in the mail. If it wasn’t hidden, it would be snitched by someone else as soon as it was put down.

Murray E. Schoonmaker
Van Etten, New York

So much better

I really enjoy the heartwarming, spiritual, uplifting experiences in the New Era each month. The months start out so much better knowing we have a magazine worth stocking our libraries with.

Jaynne Matson
Huntsville, Alabama

The same direction

I can’t begin to tell you how much the story “Harley-Davidson” in the August 1985 issue has meant to me! I know someone who is headed in the same direction as Gus. It never really hit home how much I really did appreciate the New Era until I read this story. Thanks for extending a helping hand!

Barbara Jacob
Magna, Utah

I find it hard

I often find myself reading the New Era when I’m away from home. It gives me inspiration and the will to do what’s right. I’m 12, and I sometimes find it hard to do what’s right. I just want to say thank-you for always being there.

Lynda Griffin
Laveen, Arizona

A hand

I have just started reading the New Era cover to cover, and there are two stories that have really helped me. They are “Reach Out and Climb” and “Harmer Accidents” in the August 1985 issue.

Lately I have been going through very trying times, and when I read “Reach Out and Climb,” it gave me the extra help I needed to choose the right. “Harmer Accidents” made me realize how insincere we get when we pray, so now I pray more sincerely and meaningfully.

In short, I would just like to thank you for publishing a great magazine. It’s really a helping hand.

Devera Eddington
Sandy, Utah


It seems as if the New Era has always been a part of my life. I made the decision ten years ago to serve a mission. The New Era has supported my spiritual desire since then.

Now as a missionary I hunger from month to month for this spiritual food. I feel so much joy from “Two Shall Walk Together” (May 1985). The experiences of a mission are difficult to put into words, but Brother Wayne B. Lynn says it well. (Go back and read it!)

I haven’t much time left as one of “the two who walk together,” but my mission will be the spiritual basis for the rest of my life! And the New Era will always provide the spiritual uplift I hunger for.

Sister Kellie Hall
North Carolina Charlotte Mission

A faithful companion

The other day I was rummaging through some old New Eras. I came across the December 1983 issue. I opened it and began reading the article entitled “I Didn’t Even Know Her Name.” This article was especially meaningful to me because I have been involved in a similar incident. As I read the article I pictured myself and the young girl who helped me on a hot camp afternoon. Thanks for publishing that article. It’s great to take a quick trip down memory lane with as faithful a companion as the New Era.

Lanni Lockard
Humble, Texas