“Unity,” Teaching Seminary: Preservice Readings (2004), 132

“Unity,” Teaching Seminary, 132


Excerpt from Conference Report, April 1950, 180

I say to you again, brethren, as I have said every priesthood meeting night for years, that if you are united, if you will act as one man in carrying out the purposes of the Lord, there is absolutely nothing that can withstand your power.


An essential part of unity is loyalty. There can be no union where loyalty does not exist. Loyalty is a pretty difficult quality to possess. It requires the ability to put away selfishness, greed, ambition and all of the baser qualities of the human mind. You cannot be loyal unless you are willing to surrender. There is no growth, mental, physical or spiritual, unless there be some curtailment, some sacrifice may I say, on the part of him who would be loyal. His own preferences and desires must be put away, and he must see only the great purpose which lies out ahead.