Unity—a Principle of Strength

“Unity—a Principle of Strength,” Teaching Seminary: Preservice Readings (2004), 132

“Unity—a Principle of Strength,” Teaching Seminary, 132

Unity—a Principle of Strength

Excerpt from Gospel Truth: Discourses and Writings of George Q. Cannon, sel. Jerreld L. Newquist, 2 vols. (1957–74), 1:207

I suppose each of us is fond of having his own way. I know I am. … But I do not like my own way well enough to want it in opposition to my brethren’s way. That is our duty as the First Presidency of the Church. It is the duty of every presidency throughout the Church. …

Suppose that one man has more wisdom than another; it is better to carry out a plan that is not so wise, if you are united on it. Speaking generally, a plan or a policy that may be inferior in some respects is more effective if men are united upon it than a better plan would be upon which they were divided.