Spiritual Communication

“Spiritual Communication,” Teaching Seminary: Preservice Readings (2004), 1

“Spiritual Communication,” Teaching Seminary, 1

Spiritual Communication

In Principles of the Gospel in Practice, Sperry Symposium 1985 (1985), 6

When I first received Church assignments that embodied counseling and training others, I was very anxious to share personal experiences that I considered to have some application in the lives of those individuals. This sharing was based on an honest desire to help. As I gained further experience, when someone came for help or for counsel, I seemed to have a list of experiences from my own life, or lessons learned from others, that I wanted to share to benefit them. This was done with great sincerity and a desire to help.

As the years have passed, I find that I am now much less moved to help people with the things that I have learned. Rather I am powerfully motivated to share with them how the lessons were learned.

Many such lessons have deeply touched and molded my life. Yet I have come to recognize that the guidance, understanding, enlightenment, and experience most treasured have come directly from the Lord through the Holy Spirit.