Hannah and Samuel

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“Hannah and Samuel,” Old Testament Stories for Young Readers, 2018

“Hannah and Samuel”

Old Testament Stories for Young Readers

Hannah and Samuel

From 1 Samuel 1–3

Hannah was sad that she did not have a child. She prayed in the temple. She promised that if she had a son, she would raise him to serve God.

Hannah and her husband did have a baby! Hannah named him Samuel. She knew that God had answered her prayers.

As Samuel grew, Hannah kept her promise. She asked Eli, the priest at the temple, to teach Samuel how to serve God. Eli helped take care of Samuel.

One night Samuel heard a voice. He asked if Eli had called him. Eli said God was trying to speak to Samuel. The next time Samuel heard the voice, he listened. Then God spoke to Samuel. Samuel listened to God and followed Him.

I can learn about God and follow His commandments!

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Illustration by Apryl Stott