The Creation

    “The Creation,” Old Testament Stories for Young Readers, 2018

    “The Creation”

    Old Testament Stories for Young Readers

    The Creation

    From Genesis 1–2; Moses 1–3; Abraham 4–5


    Long before I can remember, God created a beautiful place for me to live.

    When He began making the earth, He separated the day from the night. He made the sun, moon, and stars so I would always have light to guide me.


    He created the sky, seas, and land. He covered the earth with all kinds of plants.

    animals by a lake

    He created birds to fly in the sky, fish to swim in the seas, and animals to live on the land.

    children outside

    Whenever I see God’s creations, I feel reverence and love for Him. I’m grateful He made this earth for me.

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    I Am Part of a Beautiful World

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    Illustration by Apryl Stott