Adam and Eve

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“Adam and Eve,” Old Testament Stories for Young Readers, 2018

“Adam and Eve”

Old Testament Stories for Young Readers

Adam and Eve

From Genesis 1–5; Moses 3–6

Heavenly Father and Jesus created the earth. They made the land, sea, sun, and stars. They made plants and animals. Then the earth was ready for Heavenly Father’s children. Who would He send to live on the earth first?

Adam and Eve!

Heavenly Father put them in the Garden of Eden. All the food they needed grew in the garden. They did not have to work. They did not get sick.

Heavenly Father told Adam and Eve that if they ate some fruit from one of the trees, they would have to leave Eden. Satan tempted Eve to eat the fruit, and she did. So did Adam.

Their choice to leave Eden was part of Heavenly Father’s plan.

After they left Eden, Adam and Eve learned to pray, repent, and have faith in Jesus. They became parents and taught their children the gospel. Life outside Eden was harder, but they learned important new things. They were happy.

Family Life

I am like Adam and Eve. I chose to come to earth so I could learn, grow, and become more like my Heavenly Parents.

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