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What Is the Temple Endowment?

“What Is the Temple Endowment?” Families and Temples (2016), 20–21

“What Is the Temple Endowment?” Families and Temples, 20–21

What Is the Temple Endowment?

Performing temple ordinances for your ancestors and others who have died makes salvation possible for all of God’s children. But there are also ordinances performed in the temple that are essential for you to receive while on your path back to God’s presence.

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After baptism and confirmation, you can receive the ordinance of the temple endowment. The word endowment means “gift,” and your temple endowment is a special gift of knowledge and power that God gives to those who are ready to receive it. It is an ordinance needed to return to God’s presence. As part of this ordinance, you are taught more about the plan of salvation, the mission and Atonement of Jesus Christ, the love Heavenly Father has for His children, and your divine potential. The covenants you make during the endowment focus on how you can become more like Jesus Christ.

Adults who prepare may receive their temple endowment as soon as one year after their baptism. Your bishop or branch president will help you learn more about the temple and prepare you for your endowment. When you are ready, you can invite others who have a temple recommend, including family and friends, to join you in the temple as you receive this ordinance. Like baptism, after you receive your own endowment, you may receive that same ordinance on behalf of others who have died.