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What Is Family History?

“What Is Family History?” Families and Temples (2016), 15

“What Is Family History?” Families and Temples, 15

What Is Family History?

Providing ordinances for your own deceased family members begins with researching your family history. When you join the Church, you may feel an increased love and concern for members of your family who have died without knowing about the gospel of Jesus Christ. Your fellow Church members can help you prepare to be baptized in the temple on behalf of your deceased family members. The Church collects historical and biographical records from all over the world to help people identify their ancestors. You can get started by writing down what you already know about your family.

Family history refers to identifying and learning about your ancestors. Researching your family history with other family members can strengthen your understanding of who you are and help you feel closer to one another. Doing family history also helps you identify ancestors who need the opportunity to receive saving gospel ordinances. As you learn about your ancestors, you will be able to feel the Holy Ghost confirm the eternal nature and importance of families.