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List of Terms

“List of Terms,” Families and Temples (2016), 32–35

“List of Terms,” Families and Temples, 32–35

List of Terms

Aaronic Priesthood:The preparatory priesthood. This priesthood carries with it the authority to baptize and is named after Aaron in the Old Testament.

Covenant:A promise or agreement between God and His children. God gives the conditions for the covenant, and we agree to those conditions. God promises certain blessings for our obedience to our covenants. Covenants are associated with all ordinances of the gospel.

Endure to the end:To continually exercise faith in Jesus Christ, repent, and strive to keep covenants throughout our lives. Enduring to the end is necessary to obtain eternal life.

Eternal life:Becoming like Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ, living with Them forever, and receiving all that They have. One of the blessings of eternal life, or exaltation, is living together as families throughout eternity.

Family history:Learning names, facts, and stories about our ancestors. After doing family history, we can prepare to perform ordinances for our deceased ancestors in the temple.

Melchizedek Priesthood:The higher or greater priesthood. It is named after Melchizedek, who was a righteous high priest and king in the Old Testament. Worthy brethren may receive the Melchizedek Priesthood and be ordained elders when they are at least 18 years old.

Ordained:To receive power and authority to act in a particular office on behalf of the Lord.

Ordinance:A sacred religious ceremony performed by the authority of the priesthood. Examples include baptism, receiving the gift of the Holy Ghost (confirmation), the sacrament, the temple endowment, and the temple sealing. Ordinances are a means for entering into covenants with God.

Priesthood:God’s power and authority that He gives to His children to act in His name for their salvation. Through the priesthood, we receive the ordinances of salvation, as well as blessings of healing, comfort, and counsel.

Proxy baptism for deceased ancestors:Baptism and confirmation performed in the temple by the living on behalf of their family members or others who died without receiving these ordinances.

Temple endowment:A gift of power and knowledge from God that is received through a temple ordinance that consists of a series of teachings and covenants that are necessary for attaining eternal life with God.

Temple sealing:An ordinance performed in the temple that enables a husband and wife along with their children and their extended families to live forever with God and Jesus Christ.

Temple service:Receiving ordinances in the temple on behalf of those who have died.