Video Lesson 9: Omni: An Overview of Book of Mormon History
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“Video Lesson 9: Omni: An Overview of Book of Mormon History,” Book of Mormon Video Guide (2002), 11–12

“Video Lesson 9,” Book of Mormon Video Guide, 11–12



An Overview of Book of Mormon History


To help students understand the relationship of people, places, and events in the Book of Mormon.

Note: This video can be used at the beginning of the year or in Omni when the relationship of people, places, and events becomes more difficult to understand.

Before the Video


List the following Book of Mormon pages on the board: 145, 163, 164, 189, and 190. Have students find the date at the bottom of each of those pages, and then write the date below the page number on the board. Help students discover why the Book of Mormon covers the same time period three times. (For this time period there are three records of three different groups.) Explain that Book of Mormon history skips around because there are times when two or more stories are going on at the same time. If your students have Book of Mormon bookmarks, have them look at the chronology chart (or see page 204 of the student study guide). The video is to help students understand Book of Mormon history using the bookmark as an organizer.

Using the Video

An Overview of Book of Mormon History 9:25

“Look For” Activity

Suggest that the students try to identify the relationship of people, places, and events in segment 1.

Show Segment 1

Segment 1 (2:30) is a walk-through of the Book of Mormon, aided by computer animation and an off-screen narrator. The presentation is based on the student bookmark, which is a great resource if understood. Showing the segments separately can reinforce understanding since students will have to recall the content of each segment.

Discussion Ideas

You may want to draw a large version of the student bookmark on the board, with the names missing. (Or make a similar bookmark from cardboard, use masking tape on the floor, or make a handout.) As you review segment 1 with the students, help them understand the division of the Nephites and Lamanites, how the Mulekites and Nephites combined, the passage of time, and the duration of the Jaredite nation’s existence. You might have the students go through the story from memory.

At this point you may want to have the students look at their Book of Mormon bookmark. Explain that it was developed as a resource to help them understand the Book of Mormon.

“Look For” Activity

Suggest that the students watch for the Nephites who went to live among the Lamanites.

Show Segment 2

Segment 2 (2:07) begins with King Mosiah in the land of Zarahemla and ends with his sons’ mission to the Lamanites.


Help students understand the two concurrent kingdoms of Mosiah and Zeniff (see Omni 1:12–30; Mosiah 1; 9). Review the escape of Alma the Elder and his people (see Mosiah 18). Review the mission to the Lamanites and the preaching of Alma the Younger (see Alma 1–16 and 17–27).

“Look For” Activity

Suggest that the students watch for reasons the Nephite society fell.

Show Segment 3

Segment 3 (2:18) begins with Captain Moroni and ends with the prophet Moroni burying the plates in A.D. 421.


Briefly review Samuel’s prophecy, the Savior’s visit to the land of Bountiful, the destruction of the Nephites, and Moroni burying the plates.

Show Segment 4

Segment 4 (2:30) is a brief review of Book of Mormon history. Its use is optional.

After the Video

Summary and Conclusion

You may want to have students practice identifying elements of the bookmark as quickly as they can.