Video Lesson 12: Alma 5: ‘Can You Imagine?’
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“Video Lesson 12: Alma 5: ‘Can You Imagine?’” Book of Mormon Video Guide (2002), 15–16

“Video Lesson 12,” Book of Mormon Video Guide, 15–16


Alma 5

“Can You Imagine?”


To provide students with the means of evaluating their spirituality and planning for their future spiritual growth.

Before the Video

Note: The topic of spiritual rebirth should have been introduced while studying the book of Mosiah. The first part of this lesson serves as a review and need not require much class time. The second part of the lesson will help students evaluate their present spiritual condition.

Scripture Activity

What does it mean to have a change of heart? (It means to have “no more disposition to do evil, but to do good continually” [Mosiah 5:2] and to be spiritually reborn [see Mosiah 5:7].) Alma the Elder and his followers had experienced a change of heart and a spiritual rebirth. The following questions may be helpful as you study Alma 5:

  • Verses 4–6: In what two ways were Alma the Elder and his followers delivered? (They were delivered from the physical bondage of the Lamanites and the spiritual bondage of hell.) Which do you feel is the most important?

  • Verse 7: Who changed their hearts? (The Lord [see Alma 5:4–5; Mosiah 5:2].)

  • Verses 10–13: On what conditions were they saved? (Alma believed the words of the prophet Abinadi [see v. 11]; according to Alma’s faith, the Lord wrought a mighty change in his heart [see v. 12]; Alma preached to his people and the Lord wrought a mighty change in their hearts; they humbled themselves and put their trust in God; they were faithful until the end [see v. 13].)

  • Verse 14: How would you answer Alma’s questions in this verse?

Explain that today’s lesson is designed to help the class learn to answer questions like those in Alma 5:14.


Suggest that the students close their eyes and imagine something like watching a waterfall or eating a dessert. Ask one or two students to describe to the rest of the class what they imagined. Have them share as much detail as possible. Next, ask the students to imagine they are standing before the Lord on Judgment Day. Point out that how they imagine they would feel is more important than what they see. Then have them read Alma 5:15–18 and choose the verse that best represents what they imagined.

Using the Video

“Can You Imagine?” 12:07

“Look For” Activity

Suggest that the students watch for things Mike’s alter ego does to help Mike imagine what it would be like to stand before the Lord to be judged.

Show the Video

The video shows Mike reunited with his alter ego (introduced in video presentation 4, “Act for Themselves”). His alter ego helps Mike prepare a lesson to help his priesthood class ask the questions posed in Alma 5:15–26. Special emphasis is given to Mike’s preparation to stand before God at the Judgment. Together they try to answer three main questions: Can you imagine being brought before God at the Judgment? How will you feel at that time if your life is stained by sin? Are you prepared to meet God?

After the Video


Discuss how Mike’s alter ego helped Mike feel what it would be like to stand before God. (He asked Mike questions from Alma 5 and used personal illustrations from Mike’s life.) Have your students identify the questions Alma asked in verses 14–15, 19, 26–30, and 53–55. Suggest they use these questions to evaluate their spiritual standing and progress. They may wish to compare how they are today with how they were a year ago or use a scale of 1 to 10 to evaluate how they are doing.

After completing this exercise, explain to the students that Alma 5 can be used over and over throughout their lives to help them evaluate how they are progressing. Ask and discuss, “When is the most important time to feel the things Alma asked?” (Now is the most important time [see v. 26].)

Scripture Insight

In Alma 5:45–46, Alma testified of things he came to know by revelation. Have the students discover how Alma came to know the truth, and discuss how they can use the same method to come to know the truth for themselves.

As a final testimony, read Alma 5:58–62 together as a class, pointing out the goodness of Jesus Christ and how He is able to care for the righteous.