Video Lesson 18: 3 Nephi 17: ‘My Joy Is Full’
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“Video Lesson 18: 3 Nephi 17: ‘My Joy Is Full’” Book of Mormon Video Guide (2002), 25

“Video Lesson 18,” Book of Mormon Video Guide, 25


3 Nephi 17

“My Joy Is Full”


To help students feel and understand that the healing, blessings, and love of the Savior are available to all worthy people.

Before the Video

Scripture Activity

Review 3 Nephi 11:13–15 with your students. Emphasize that each individual was permitted to witness for himself by feeling the wounds in the Savior’s hands, feet, and side. To discover the other acts of personal compassion, you may wish to divide your class into three groups and have each group search 3 Nephi 17 for one of the following:

  • Evidence that the Savior was sensitive to how the people felt.

  • Acts of compassion performed by the Savior for the people.

  • Ways the people responded to the Savior.

Discuss with the class what each group finds. Read with them those passages from 3 Nephi 17 that they feel are particularly powerful and sensitive.

Using the Video

“My Joy Is Full” 4:00

“Look For” Activity

Suggest that the students look for examples of the Savior’s compassion for each individual.

Note: The class will understand the end of the video best if they have read 3 Nephi 17:24, which describes how the Savior and the children were encircled about by angels.

Show the Video

The video is a musical and visual summary of the Savior’s visit to the people at the temple at Bountiful. The video portrays the impact the Savior’s love, compassion, and healing had upon each individual present.

After the Video

Application Activity

Invite your students to express their feelings and to share examples of how the Savior has touched their lives in an individual way. Read 3 Nephi 17:25 together. What makes it possible today for each of us to see and hear and bear record “every man for himself”?


The invitation to come unto Christ is as real now as it was two thousand years ago. As we draw close to the Savior and feel of His Spirit, we can “feel and see” today as the disciples of Christ saw and felt in any age or time.