Scripture Stories
Gideon, Alma, and Nehor

“Gideon, Alma, and Nehor,” Book of Mormon Stories (2023)

“Gideon, Alma, and Nehor,” Book of Mormon Stories

Alma 1

Gideon, Alma, and Nehor

Defending truth with the words of God

Alma the Younger listening to his father

The Nephites chose Alma the Younger to be their chief judge. Alma was also the high priest of the Church.

Mosiah 29:41–44

Nehor pointing at sky

A man named Nehor started teaching people something he called the word of God. But he taught the people that they did not need to obey God or repent.

Alma 1:2–4, 15

people bringing Nehor money

Many people liked and believed what Nehor said. He wanted people to give him money and praise him. He thought he was better than other people. He made his own church, and many people listened to him.

Alma 1:3, 5–6

Nehor arguing with Gideon

One day, Nehor met an old man named Gideon. Gideon was a teacher in the Church of God and had done a lot of good. Nehor wanted people to leave the Church, so he argued with Gideon. Gideon used the words of God to show that Nehor was not teaching the truth. Nehor was mad! He killed Gideon with his sword.

Alma 1:7–9, 13

Nehor arguing with Alma

The people took Nehor to Alma to be judged. Nehor tried to defend what he had done. He did not want to be punished.

Alma 1:10–11

Alma giving judgment

Alma said that Nehor’s teachings were wrong and could hurt people. Alma followed the law. Because Nehor killed Gideon, Nehor was put to death.

Alma 1:12–15

Alma thinking about the people

Before he died, Nehor told the people that he had lied. He had not taught the word of God. Even though Nehor said he was wrong, many people followed his example. They lied to people to get praise and money. But other people listened to Alma. They took care of the poor and kept God’s commandments.

Alma 1:15–16, 25–30