Evaluate Planning and Study
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“Evaluate Planning and Study,” A Missionary’s MTC Experience: English 2015 (2015), 22–24

“Evaluate,” A Missionary’s MTC Experience, 22–24

Evaluate Planning & Study


Effective daily planning and effective personal and companion study will help you become a better teacher. Use principles from Preach My Gospel, 20–21, 128–31, 147–50, and the following questions to help you improve your planning and study and fulfill your purpose as a missionary.

Daily Planning

Evaluate the progress of your investigators. Set goals and make plans to help them come closer to Christ.

  • What have you learned from your experience and from the Holy Ghost about your investigators?

  • What evidence is there that your investigators are:

    • Exercising faith in Jesus Christ and His Atonement?

    • Repenting?

    • Preparing for baptism and confirmation?

    • Being taught by the Holy Ghost?

    • Likely to endure to the end?

  • What needs and invitations will you focus on next to help your investigators progress? (See Preach My Gospel, 20, 147–49.)

  • What will you study and do in personal, and companion study to best meet the needs of your investigators? (See Preach My Gospel, 150.)

Personal Study

Evaluate, set goals, and make plans to improve your personal study.

  • How is your personal study preparing you to meet the needs of your investigators?

  • How is your testimony being strengthened through personal revelation?

  • In what ways is your personal study focused on the scriptures (particularly the Book of Mormon), Preach My Gospel, and your investigators’ questions and needs?

Companion Study

Use Preach My Gospel, 20–21, 147–49, and the following questions to help you plan a lesson.

  • What lesson(s) in chapter 3 of Preach My Gospel will best prepare your investigators for the invitations that will help them progress?

  • How will you teach the doctrine in a relevant way to meet the investigators’ needs?

  • What questions, scriptures (particularly from the Book of Mormon), elements of “How to Begin Teaching” (see Preach My Gospel, 176), and examples will help the investigator the most?

  • What will you do to follow up on previous invitations? (See Preach My Gospel, 200.)

  • How will you effectively teach in unity as a companionship? What part of your plan do you most need to practice?


As you plan and study, evaluate your efforts and make a plan to improve.

  • What did you specifically do during your planning and study to help you accomplish your goals?

  • How will you change your planning and study to improve your learning and better help your investigators?