Revelation through Church Attendance
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“Revelation through Church Attendance,” A Missionary’s MTC Experience: English 2015 (2015), 11

“Revelation through Church Attendance,” A Missionary’s MTC Experience, 11

Revelation through Church Attendance

Use the following resources to learn why church attendance is essential for conversion and how to teach and invite others to receive revelation through church attendance.

Study Questions and Resources:

  • Why is it essential for investigators to attend church to gain a testimony?

  • What is the role of members and the ward council in helping investigators attend church?

    • Planning guideline #4 (PMG, 148)

    • “Work with the Ward Council to Strengthen New and Less-Active Members” (PMG, 215–17)

  • What must an investigator feel at church in order to receive conversion?

  • How can you prepare investigators to attend church?

    • Mosiah 18:17–25

    • “Although the sacrament is for Church members, the bishopric should not announce that it will be passed to members only, and nothing should be done to prevent nonmembers from partaking of it” (Handbook 2, 20.4.1).

    • Mosiah 6:1–3

    • “Progress Record” (PMG, 142)