The Missionary Portal

“The Missionary Portal,” A Missionary’s MTC Experience: English 2015 (2015), 30–31

“The Missionary Portal,” A Missionary’s MTC Experience, 30–31

The Missionary Portal

What is the Missionary Portal?

The Missionary Portal is an online resource created to help you become a more effective missionary. During your stay at the MTC you will regularly access the Missionary Portal. The following resources and activities are available on the Missionary Portal:

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Learning Assessments

The assessments are designed to help you track your progress in a convenient way. Use the assessments as a tool to help you set goals to increase your efforts. There are many different assessments within the Missionary Portal. The following are examples of assessments offered online that will help you improve:

  • Doctrine Assessments

  • Preach My Gospel Assessments

  • Missionary Handbook Assessments

  • Christlike Attribute Assessments

  • Scripture Study Checklist

Learning Resources

The following are a few examples of online resources that are designed to help you learn how to become a more effective minister of the Lord.

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How Often Should I Use the Missionary Portal?

Use the Missionary Portal frequently, when you have unscheduled time, such as Sundays. Follow the scheduled activities within the Missionary Portal.

  • Be sure to complete the required activities for each week of your MTC stay. Use the check boxes next to each activity to keep track of your progress.

  • Most activities take 30 minutes or less to complete.

How Do I Login to the Missionary Portal?

Go to any computer lab in any classroom building and click on the shortcut Missionary Portal. Login using your Missionary ID (username) and birthdate (password).

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What Do I Do If I Have Technical Problems?

On any MTC computer, select the Windows® icon (Start button); select Chat with Service Desk, and if you need immediate help, click on the Live Chat link to contact the Service Desk.